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Sunday, February 1, 2015

SpreadCoin (SPR) X11 Coin Testing and Information

This is a great coin that's just a little over a year old and it has one key advantage, that being there is no pool mining available. The only way to mine is to have your own wallet setup and to use your own hashing power. Since no pools are allowed this means almost no fluctuation in the market on a daily basis especially caused by pool hopping / multi-pools. This has lead to a very stable coin market with a more stable growth pattern.

I tested this coin with my EVGA 780 SC running at 1136Mhz and it provided a stable 3Mh/s which led to me finding 1 block per day. This doesn't sound like much but at today's exchange rate it actually provides a profit on GPU mining!

Operating costs of the 780 are on average $0.0036/day at 150 watts and $.1/kwh basically equates to  $0.17 cents/day profit at today's market value of $230/BTC. It definitely does make money that's for sure and that's a rare thing in GPU mining. But it's just not that much unless you have some insane power behind you!

Detailed Coin Information:

  • Algorithm: SpreadX11
  • Block generation: 1 minute
  • Difficulty re-targets: every block based on last 360 blocks
  • Reward starts at approximately 6.66 coins per block
  • Block reward is smoothly halved every 4 years
  • Total supply: 20 milllion coins
  • No year 2106 problem

Coin's Website:



Mining Guide:  

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