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Sunday, February 15, 2015

JouleCoin (XJO) SHA256 Pool Testing and Coin Information


Detailed Coin Information:

  • No premine
  • Hashing algo: SHA-256
  • Block time: 45 seconds
  • Block reward: 16 XJO
  • Reward halves every 2 years
  • Minimum reward 0.001 XJO
  • Total coins produced: ~ 45 million XJO
  • RPC Port: 8844
  • P2P Port: 26789
  • Difficulty re-targets every block
  • Transactions comments
  • Current Network Difficulty: 50,000

Coin's Website:



Social Media:  


Block Explorer:

Active Pool Comparison


All testing performed by an Antminer S4 @ 2.18 TH/s (218 Mhz) and my conclusion is this coin is really fast! Transactions show up in the offline wallets almost instantly after submitted. It also validates transfers after just 6 confirmations, directly mined coins "mature" after just 100, but even that amount of confirmations only takes an hour! If the network speed were faster (6 TH/s at testing) so would the transaction speed! All in all the coin is worth mining, it has spiked above BTC in value on a couple occasions (during my testing it went from 15th to 5th in coin value! Imagine what 20 or 200 TH/s would do!) and can be quite profitable with the current difficulty in the tens of thousands still. For the meantime just pick a good pool and stockpile, it's only a matter of time with this one, the rewards don't half for 2 years!


#1 MiningPools:

  • Pool Hashrate: 1.5-2.5 TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1.5-2.5 TH/s
  • 24 Hour Earnings: 10,340 XJO!
  • Fees: 1%
  • Average Round Duration: <2 minutes
  • Reward Method: PROP
  • My Thoughts: There were a couple other miners in the 100 GH/s range coming and going but it's proportional so they never really effected my pay percentage and I was personally finding 27 blocks an hour, enough said! Winner, Winner!


#2 TomPool:

  • Pool Hashrate: 1.5-2.5 TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1.5-2.5 TH/s
  • 24 Hour Earnings: 9,404 XJO (suggested was ~12,000)
  • Fees: 1%
  • Average Round Duration: <2 minutes
  • Reward Method: PPS
  • My Thoughts: Since I was solo mining on there and got exactly 15.84 XJO from every block found and that's a great return for me and a small percentage for the server! I was also getting a great hash-rate, so even more blocks! Since it's PPS it scales better, so if there were other people mining here the payout would be even higher on average. Also had a less than 1% invalid rate and very rarely saw and orphaned block (maybe 2%), which is drastically different in comparison to the solo mining pool.


#3 MiningPoolCo:

  • Pool Hashrate: 1.6-2.1 TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1.5-2 TH/s
  • 24 Hour Earnings: 8,982 XJO
  • Fees: 1%
  • Average Round Duration: <2 minutes
  • Reward Method: PPLNS
  • My Thoughts: They have a great status screen with all the detailed results for the pool and your earnings in one place, with a hash-rate graph that included yours, the pool's, and the network's hash-rates. Also had a less than 2% orphan rate.


#4 E-Pool:

  • Pool Hashrate: 1.6-2 TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1.3-1.7 TH/s
  • 24 Hour Earnings: 8,412 XJO
  • Fees: 1%
  • Average Round Duration: ~3 minutes
  • Reward Method: PPLNS
  • My Thoughts: I basically earned 12 XJO for every block found, and I found more than 90% of the blocks so the difference isn't worth it. I am basically losing out compared to solo mining and for no reason, there just isn't enough power at the pool and the hash-rate it provides you is too low to justify using it. If you could set up your own node, different story. Also their instructions are set up for their old node on port 8925, big mistake that could cost you! The correct stratum port is 8930! Since it's P2P Miner payouts are instant, you just have to wait for them to mature / confirm in your wallet (100 confirms on offline wallets for direct mining, but even that only takes an hour).


#5 CoinMine:

  • Pool Hashrate: 1.5-1.6TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1.5-1.6TH/s
  • 24 Hour Earnings: 7,918 XJO (Suggesting ~11k)
  • Fees: 
  • Average Round Duration: ~2 minutes
  • Reward Method: PPLNS
  • My Thoughts: Difficulty I was getting was stuck at 1k, so I couldn't really get a good hashrate here, it just stuck in the 1.5 TH/s range the whole time. There were about 500 GH/s of other miners, just not sure the pool could handle much more as my hashrate would fluctuate opposite of theirs. It is a nice layout though and good dashboard.


#6 SecurePayments (SOLO):

  • Pool Hashrate: 1.1-2.2 TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1-2.1 TH/s
  • 24 Hour Earnings: 7,450 XJO
  • Fees: 3%
  • Average Round Duration: ~3 minutes
  • Reward Method: 97% to the block finder.
  • My Thoughts: It was only pulling a 1k difficulty so the fact it was even getting up to 2 TH/s is a real shocker. If the server could manage difficulty settings better this would drastically improve. But overall I did find 22 blocks an hour, minus the quite large 10% orphan rate, 20 blocks is still a good find. The difficulty is still in the thousands, so solo mining is still definitely a feasible option.

#7 iSpace:

  • Pool Hashrate: 2-4 TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1-3 TH/s
  • 24 Hour Earnings: 6,701 XJO
  • Fees: 
  • Average Round Duration: ~1 minute
  • Reward Method:PROP
  • My Thoughts:As usual some pretty poor results, for PROP reward system and not having to worry about pool switching it pays out terrible! is also PROP and has a much better hashrate, so just stay away from ispace.. I mined 678 blocks myself, yet only received 6,701 out of 10,848 I personally mined!? And there was also another person finding blocks, so where's all that coin!? The only thing PROPortional here is how much iSpace steals from you! Straight up THIEF!

Got some spare XJO, throw em my way:  JVpUfyQ3KNz54DBB5MLstW5MkVHivYD1sA


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