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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Open Source Coin (OSC) SHA256 Pool Testing and Coin Information

 Detailed Coin Information:

  • Algorithm: Sha256 POW/POS
  • 1 year stake
  • Total Coins: 21 million
  • Subsidy: .0777 - 22.5 coins
  • Halving: 400,000 blocks
  • Minimum Subsidy: .0777
  • Block Times: 2.5 minutes
  • Re-target: Static/SSDRA

Coin's Website:




Active Pool Comparison


All testing performed by an Antminer S4 @ 2.18 TH/s (218 Mhz) and my conclusion is that you just can't beat solo mining this coin. Even if you are just by yourself on a good pool it is better than a bigger one with a worse hash-rate. Coinwars profitability calculator keeps saying that you can earn up to 16,000+ coins/day with with my Antminer S4!? Just Absurd! Clearly that is not the case.. This coin may be profitable if you invest your earnings from BTC and play the market, but not for mining directly. And a 1 year stake to earn interest, that's asking way too much of people, other POS coins usually have a 90 day max on minting (where interest starts being payed at 30 days and ends at 90 with max maturity).




  • Pool Hashrate:1.8-2.5 TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1.8-2.5 TH/s
  • My 24 Hour Earnings: 8,100 OSC
  • Fees: 1%
  • Average Round Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Reward Method: PROP
  • My Thoughts: Basically solo mining since there were no other miners, but I did receive a good hash-rate and very little orphans or DOA's.



  • Pool Hashrate: 1-75TH/s (a few times their main pool hit it)
  • My Hashrate: 1-3TH/s
  • My 24 Hour Earnings: 5,986 OSC
  • Fees: 0%
  • Average Round Duration: 2 Minutes
  • Reward Method: PROP
  • My Thoughts: This server has become slower and slower over past weeks, the number of users sure has grown but the payout/work ratio seems skewed on EVERY coin I test there, maybe they have it weighted to payout more to the multi-pool users but I don't see it when I mine on them either, most of their multi-pools switch too quickly to find enough blocks on a coin and when they barge in on a coin you've been dedicated mining they kill all your hard work and reap the benefits. It seems to me like the person winning here is iSpace.



  • Pool Hashrate: 5-6.8TH/s
  • My Hashrate: 1.2-2TH/s
  • My 24 Hour Earnings: would have been 4,080 OSC (suggested 18,000 Coins at 2TH/s)
  • Fees:1%
  • Average Round Duration: 25 seconds
  • Reward Method: PPS
  • My Thoughts: 50% Orphan rate, had to abort after 4 hours and no end in sight.


Got some spare OSC, throw em my way:  2B1XBMxhaVQg8qBe3kz5AozNaYm2gevBtJ


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